BCW FUSION COMING MAY 4 2014

May 4, 2014, this date will be forever remembered when BCW introduces a new Web show, BCW Fusion! BCW President Craig Mack will introduce the new show that will air every Sunday. It will be a 1 Hour show that will feature the BCW Roster. It will debut the night after Bound For Greatness 3!

                      EVAN BOURNE INJURY UPDATE

BCW got in contact with their former BCW Champion Evan Bourne this past weekend to find out how the former champion is doing. In response from the former champion Evan Bourne has to say this "In April I went for ankle reconstruction surgery and will take at least 6 months to heal. I am currently in physical therapy for my neck and ankle and I am in this program for 8 months. I had my neck surgery in February and started rehab in March. The burns on my back are heeling well, better than what I had expected. As far as everything else, I will be sitting home and in rehab for quite sometime" The BCW officials continued to interview Bourne on about what he will decide to do when he is able to come back. Evan responded by saying " If I get clearance to come back to BCW I will. No man or injury will stop me from returning to the ring and to kick Braga's ass. Plus, I will go after my championship that I never lost and regain it and return as champion. What Braga did was completely shady and I will be back in the ring to rule as Champion." From the former champion, BCW will just have to sit and wait for the return of Air Bourne!

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